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2009 April USA Coach Spree #2 {Open}

Closing  on 09/5/2009 9:00pm [No limitation in quantity]
SpreeHouse Fb:[+27/1]
 SpreesGalore Fb: [+40/0]
 Personal Fb: [+29/1]
Spreesation FB:[New - 0/0]

Spree from COACH website: www.coach.com

Dear all, currently I'm in USA my state: Arizona city: Tucson as my side is a dessert thus I could only help to purchase for all by online purchasing. Knowing that Vpost USA had banned for Singaporean to import coach from USA website thus I will do these spree for all as requested from some of you. However please be patient with me as this is my 1st attempt to do this spree and I just reach USA for 2 months thus still not very familiar. Last but not least, I'm a Singaporean and was here to complete my 3 years study only.

You will be responsible of paying 7% Singapore Custom Tax if happen your items + international shipping fee are over $300usd but I will post to you stated as a GIFT to try avoid Singapore Custom Tax.


Things to aware:
-              USA coach is cheaper than Singapore COACH by 30 - 50%
-              Designs are faster than Singapore by 3 months thus most of the designs are not easily found in Singapore boutique yet
-              I'll buy it from all orders 1 shot and I'll distribute directly to your Singapore address by USPS which save the cost in shipping fee and time.


Prices of coach system:
Item price: $xxxusd
Sale Tax: 6.1%
Domestic Shipping fee: FREE as I go to the shop to self pick
Handling charges: $5usd/ea on Wallets or Wristlet $10usd/ea on Bag like handbag and tote

USD conversion rate: $1.56


International Shipping Rate by USPS: Click Here for International shipping rate
Estimated weight for below item:
Wallet / Wristlet: 2 lbs
Handbag: 4 lbs
Tote bag: 5 lbs
All items are ONLY post by Priority Mail International. Insurance will be bought on behalf of all.

Coach gift receipt will be included inside the parcel.

Note: USPS shipping fee will base on the size of the box or weight of the parcel whichever is higher cost. Any access in postage will be refund!


PLEASE READ and understand the T & C (s) before buying:

1. Join only when you agree with the terms and are comfortable with it
2. This is a preorder spree thus I got no sample piece on hand
3. Please post thread with receipt of payment STRICTLY!
4. I will only take in paid orders first. - 1st come 1st serve basic rule
5. All picture are taken from the real item. Different computer monitor’s color do varies from different brand & settings, thus we don't guarantee is the same color as you saw on your screen.
6. Expected waiting time is 2 - 4 weeks only. [Some model might be sold out so need to order from the store. Posting back only take 7 - 10 days]
7. All items strictly by post only, I'll not be responsible for lost parcels if you opt for normal local postage.
8. Refund will be done if item is no more available.
9. Detail is all up. Thus won't entertain measurement question.
10. I'm not respond any manufacture defect. However all item will be checked.
11. Once orders submitted, orders can't be change or refund. As all orders will be submit daily to avoid OOS
12. My contact: kissdemoda@singnet.com.sg
13. All payment thread will be freeze when I confirm received your payment.
How spree participants should make payment to us
Bank transfer
POSB savings account:  118 26269 7
UOB saving account: 301 381 732 2
How you will distribute items
Strictly by Post ONLY. I'm not in Singapore thus no meet up.
Total 2 Time Payment Charges
1)item price ( item price ) + 6.1% Sales Tax + handling fee x 1.56= total $ sgd
2)USPS International shipping fee + insurance
Example Format of order
Name / LJ Nick :
Email Address :
Bank Account Type / Account Number :

#1 Item Link: http://www.coach.com/content/product.aspx?product_no=12740&category_id=1985
Name / Code: New PARKER OP ART SHOULDER ZIP / 13439
Color : Silver / Black
Alternative order color if sold out: DNB
Qty : 1
Price in USD$: $258

#2 Item Nos: http://www.coach.com/content/product.aspx?product_no=11845&category_id=1271
Color : Brass / Pink
Alternative order color if sold out: Brass / Gold
Qty : 1
Price in USD$: 98

Total number of items = 2

Total Price in SGD = [(258 + 98)* 1.061+ $5 + $10]*1.56= $612.64sgd >please round up to the nearest cent.  Tranfer $612.70sgd instead

Transaction details
Trans ref:
Mode of transfer (eg: ATM or IB):
Transfer to which bank (eg: UOB or POSB):
P/S: please request Gift Box if needed as normally I won't include it if none request as it weight heavier only.
Please assure is 100% Authentic and it is latest stock from the website, COACH factory outlet don't sell latest stock and also there is no COACH factory outlet in Arizona. :)
Thus Happy Shopping


Please read this before proceeding to leave a comment:
Please only join if you are comfortable with my charges as I don't deal with fussy buyers.
My handling fee is base on petrol I use to travel and individual packing for all that including printing for the address/stamp and custom documentation. Parcel boxes is very expensive in USA

All unpaid orders & any TAG ON or ANONYMOUS comment will be deleted.



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