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Closing  on 15/10/2008 10pm [min capped 20 qty max 40 qty]
SpreeHouse Fb:+27/1
  SpreesGalore Fb: +40/0
  Personal Fb: +29/1
 Spreesation FB:[New - 0/0]
PLEASE READ and understand the T & C (s) before buying:

1. Join only when you agree with the terms and are comfortable with it
2. This is a preorder spree thus I got no sample piece on hand
3. Please post thread with receipt of payment
4. I will only take in paid orders first. - 1st come 1st serve basic rule
Will extend/close spree depending on response
6. Expected waiting time for stock arrival is 2 - 4 weeks after spree close.
7. All items strictly by post only, I'll not be responsible for lost parcels if you opt for normal local postage.
8. Refund will be done if item is no more available and NO REFUND will be made if any of you stated you don't like your orders.
9. I'm not respond any manufacture defect or mistake made by seller.
10. Once orders submitted, orders can't be change or refund.
11. All payment comment will be freeze.
How spree participants should make payment to us
Bank transfer
POSB savings account:  118 26269 7
UOB saving account: 301 381 732 2
Import From:
How you will distribute items
Strictly by Post ONLY.
Total 1 Time Payment Charge
1)item price in SGD [ consist of  TT fee + EMS + local normal postage] Please add $2.24 if you wish to post by registered mail.
2)Top up is only when GST occurred at the Singapore Custom Point
Format of order
Name / LJ Nick :
Email Address :
Bank Account Type / Account Number :

#1 Item :Name to be made
Color : Yellow Gold plated or White Gold Plated or Pure Silver
Qty :
Design: Step 1[?], Step 2[?], Step 3 [?]
Remark: Addition changes etc " add diamond" "add bell" " length"
Price in S$:

#2 Item :Name to be made
Color : Yellow Gold plated or White Gold Plated or Pure Silver
Qty :
Design: Step 1[?], Step 2[?], Step 3 [?]
Remark: Addition changes etc " add diamond" "add bell" " length"
Price in S$:

Total number of items =

Total Price in SGD =

Transaction details
Trans ref:
Mode of transfer (eg: ATM or IB):
Transfer to which bank (eg: UOB or POSB):

Design: Step 1[6], Step 2[A12], Step 3 [-]
Customize Bracelet: $53 shipped
16 – 18 cm
Free: White / Yellow Gold Plating
1 choices of frame and touch up
Design 1a: chain thickness 1.5mm
Design 1b & 1c: chain thickness 2.5mm
Design 1a & 1c: Nameplate is slight curve surface
Design 1c: Nameplate is flat surface
Customize Bangle: $59 shipped
16 – 18 cm
Free: White / Yellow Gold Plating
No selection for frame and touch up, only can choose font type which is step 1
Customize Anklet: $55 shipped
22 cm + 2cm Extension chain
Free: White / Yellow Gold Plating
Only design 3A: 1 choices of frame and touch up
Design 3b: no selection in frame and touch up
Design 3a: chain thickness 1.5mm
Design 3b: chain thickness 2.5mm
Material: Pure 925 Sterling Silver
Custom Made pendant only allow: [max] 9 English character or 3 Chinese character

Surcharge for changes:
Add $10 for extension in length / add thickness/
Add $20 for Mix Gold: Yellow and White Gold Plate in one Name
Add $5 for additional 1 alphabet
Add $5 for Rose Gold plating
Add $3.50 for 1 6mm - 8mm bell [ However you can get it in Chinatown craft shop at only $2.50]

Follow the below steps: Example -> Design: Step 1[6], Step 2[A12], Step 3 [-] put a - if you wish to don't wish to add on

Special Request:
Ordering Procedure:

1. Provide your name: [max] 9 English character or 3 Chinese character
2. Select Steps 1 ~ 3
3. Seller will send overall design to let us confirm, Meaning You can choose to delete any frame or touch up if you don't like. However changing into other design is NOT ALLOW
4. Proceed to custom made

Some past samples to view:
Please read this before proceeding to leave a comment:
This is the 2th time to spree bracelet, bangle and anklet!  However I ever spree the nameplate necklace with this seller for 6th tround.
Please don't join if you're uncomfortable.

All unpaid orders & any TAG ON or ANONYMOUS comment will be deleted.

Frequent Answer & Question Corner
1) No Gem nameplate for this spree,
However you can add a 1mm or 2mm white crystal of 4 claw with addition of $6sgd. Only white crystal no other color
2) No other choice of chain
3) All item is code under Female!
4) The Standard $48 Package is given with free Step 2 & 3, It won’t be any cheaper or discount as it is your choice to remove it and it is given you for free.
5) You can choose not to have white or yellow gold plating and no addition charge will be included.
6) How you write your name, meaning your pendant will be same way as written.
Example: Xiaxue, XIAXUE or xiaxue…. I will submit your order accordingly
7) For anklet design: it is FIXED that the bottom alphabet is small character. You can choose to repeated same name or different name in 2 row!
8) After I submitted all order, Seller will take some time to design your pendant, and email me the draft design, she will only proceed to so the pendant when we have approve it. However we can only delete those steps 2-3 which we feel ugly. We can’t choose other front or other step 2-3 as Seller already provide all front A-Z for your ref.
Lastly Seller stated she don’t deal with problematic buyers thus she have the rights to reject any orders .
9)I ensure the Final Product is same as the Draft Design that you confirm by referring the picture below.

Dear Moderator:
I hope the below external links can be accepted as it will be confuse if I junk all together into 1 thread. Thanks



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Oct. 19th, 2008 11:12 am (UTC)
open another spree?
hi dear, are you gonna open another spree for this?

Oct. 19th, 2008 01:47 pm (UTC)
Re: open another spree?
NO, this is last spree, as i'm leaving to states in 19/12
Oct. 19th, 2008 01:58 pm (UTC)
Dear All,
As I already stated clearly that this is my very LAST spree as I'm leaving states on 19/12/2008 for 2 years. Thus I need time to settle my document and things to shipped over.

Thus please don't email me or comment for opening this spree. I no longer doing. Sorry about that!
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